Ariel vs Surf Excel: And the Winner is …

Surf Excel and Ariel are among the top 3 best detergents in India. It’s natural that you want to know which of these detergents is the best.

As you will see, no detergent brand is best in every case. Surf Excel comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, while Ariel has its own advantages.

Ariel vs Surf Excel

In this post, we will try to analyze both the brands and we will offer recommendations for you. This will help you make an informed decision.

Since there are different types of detergents, let us discuss each one and their comparison.

About Ariel

Ariel is a detergent brand that is owned by Procter & Gamble, a US MNC. Procter & Gamble is the owner of highest-selling detergent in the world.

However, it is not the highest selling detergent in India because it is priced higher than its competitors as it comes in premium detergent category.

In many developed countries, Ariel is the number 1 detergent brand.

About Surf Excel

Surf Excel is owned by Hindustan Unilever (HUL), part of a British brand. Surf Excel has was the first detergent in to enter India and remained number 1 detergent for several years before competition increased.

HUL, which owns Wheel is the number 1 detergent seller in India and it leads other detergent manufacturers significantly.

Surf Excel also comes in premium detergent category and is therefore priced higher than most other detergents in India.

Ariel vs Surf Excel

Both Ariel and Surf Excel brands come with different types of detergents. There are few major categories that we will discuss in this post.

Ariel Matic Top Load & Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent: For fully automatic top load

Ariel Matic Front Load & Surf Excel Matic Front Load Detergent: For fully automatic front load

Ariel Complete & Surf Excel Easy Wash: For hand wash and semi automatic washing machine

Ariel Matic vs Surf Excel Matic

Ariel Matic Top Load vs Surf Excel Matic Top Load: Which is Better?

As you might be aware, Ariel Matic Top Load detergent is costlier than Surf Excel Matic Top Load.

  • Both the detergents are available in powder as well as liquid detergent variants.
  • Ariel Matic Top Load has decent fragrance and gives slightly better wash than Surf Excel Matic Top Load.
  • Ariel Matic Top Load is known for excellent washing of white clothes.
  • Ariel Matic detergent powder is the most popular detergent powder in India
  • Surf Excel Matic Top load is the most popular liquid detergent for top load washing machine.

Ariel Matic Front Load vs Surf Excel Matic Front Load: Which is Better?

  • Both the detergents are available in powder as well as liquid detergent variants.
  • Ariel Matic Front Load is known for keeping clothes soft.
  • Ariel Matic front load powder detergent is more popular that Surf Excel Matic detergent powder.
  • Surf Excel Matic front load liquid detergent is more popular in liquid detergent category.


Even though Surf Excel Matic is more popular in liquid detergent category, in our tests, we found Ariel Matic to be superior than Surf Excel Matic in both liquid and powder detergent categories. Ariel Matic gives better cleaning and keeps cloth soft better than Surf Excel Matic. It seems that Surf Excel Matic is more popular because it is more affordable.

Ariel Complete vs Surf Excel Easy Wash

  • Both the detergents are great for semi automatic washing machines and hand wash.
  • Both the detergents come are washing powder.
  • Ariel Complete is slightly better than Surf Excel Easy Wash.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Powder detergent vs liquid detergent- Which is better?

Liquid detergent is better than powder detergent because of three reasons. Firstly, liquid detergent dissolves easily and more readily as compared to detergent powder. Secondly, liquid detergent does not leave any residue behind, but powder detergent can sometimes leave residue on clothes after wash. Finally, liquid detergent can be poured on the stain directly while loading stained laundry into the washing machine.

Which is ideal detergent for cold water wash?

Liquid detergent is ideal for cold water wash as it dissolves easily even in cold water, while detergent powder can leave residue. For warm / hot water wash, detergent powder is also quite good because warm water aids in effective mixing of detergent.

Is Ariel better than Surf Excel?

Ariel and Surf Excel are premium detergent brands. While Ariel is most loved detergent for fully automatic washing machines, Surf Excel is better recommended by us for semi automatic washing machines.

What is the recommended dosage of detergent in washing machine?

For one full load of washing machine, you should use 100 ml of powder. You can double the amount if the clothes are highly soiled. You should use 35 ml of liquid detergent for one full load. And if the clothes more soiled 50 ml of liquid detergent is sufficient.

Ariel vs Surf Excel- which is the best-selling detergent?

Surf Excel is the best-selling detergent in India.

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