Best Washing Machines under 20,000 in India (2021)- Reviews + Buying Guide

Finding the right washing machine under your budget is not easy. We understand this. That’s why we have come up with the list of best washing machine under 20,000 so that you can choose the right washing machine as per your convenience.

best washing machine under 20000

Washing machine under this range will are mostly fully automatic top load washing machines. You can get a good quality fully automatic top load washing machine in this range at a price closer to 20,000. If the price is closer to 15,000 then you can get a high end semi-automatic washing machine.

Therefore, we have covered only fully automatic washing machines in this list. You can see our list of best semi-automatic washing machines or best washing machines under 15,000 for washing machines in lesser range.

Washing machines under 20000

Best Washing Machines under 20,000 in India (2021)

Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine White (WOE704W0IN)

Bosch is German multinational with expertise in electronics and complex technologies. It is renowned for front load washing machines and is popular for all the right reasons. It also has a few models in top load category that are worth considering. Bosch 7 kg fully automatic top load washing machine is one of them.

  • It has a capacity of 7 kg, which is decent for mid-sized Indian household
  • It has 8 wash programs
  • Spin speed is medium 680 RPM
  • Noise level is 65 dB, which is better than average

Bosch WOE704W0IN Washing machine comes with 8 programs – Daily Wash, Quick Wash, Bedsheets, Refresh, Delicates, Jeans, Intensive, Drum Drying.

You can use Bedsheets program to wash big pieces of cloth such as curtains, bedsheets etc. Delicate programs to wash woollen, cardigans etc. Intensive program can be used to wash heavily soiled clothes. You can schedule the wash for auto-start of these wash programs by using its Delay Start feature. This will automatically start the wash at a scheduled time (withing 24 hours).

It has 8 water level settings. You can use higher water level setting when the cloths are more soiled than usual.

Power Off memory feature save the wash settings when the power cut happen. This ensure that when power comes back, washing starts from the exact point where it had stopped.

It has a soft closing lid that ensures silent closure of the lid. This is safe and noise-effective. It also has Tub Clean (Drum Drying mode) feature that will clean the tub on switch of a button which ensures hygiene and convenience.


Cleans efficiently

Low noise ensures convenient washing

8 programs gives you decent number of options to choose from

Delays tart feature

One touch tub clean feature


There is no hot water program

What Do Customer Reviews Suggest

This washing machine enjoys an average rating of ‘excellent’ from more than 300 reviews across all the e-commerce stores combines. Customers are happy with its quality and durability.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best-selling washing machines from Bosch. Its unique design adds to the trust that Bosch brings with it. It comes with all the features that a basic top load washing machine should be equipped with. If you are a fan of Bosch and its engineering, then there is no better top loader than this one.

Whirlpool 7 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0, Grey, Hard Water Wash)

We have another Whirlpool washing machine in our list of best washing machines under 20,000. It is one of the most popular top load washing machines from Whirlpool because it comes with many features such as 123 wash, hard water wash, ZPF technology and all this at quite attractive pricing.

  • It has a capacity of 7 kg, which is decent for 3 to 4 membered family
  • It has 12 wash programs which is quite good
  • Spin speed is 740 RPM, which is better than average
  • Noise level is 63 dB, which is better than average

This Whirlpool washing machines comes with a control panel with 3 buttons labelled 1,2 and 3 for convenient washing. You just need to press1-2-3 buttons sequentially to start the wash. Button 1 switches the machine on, button 2 will give you an option to select the right program and button 3 will start the wash cycle.

This machine comes with Spiro Wash Action, which is an advanced wash motion to wash clothes in a special circular motion. This helps in giving a complete through wash to your laundry. It also has a feature that senses the hardness of water and adapts the wash process based on the hardness. Underground water is considered hard water, thus if your water supply is comes from borewell then regular washing machines may not be a fit for you.

It has 12 wash programs. These programs are Daily, Heavy, Delicates, Whites, Stainwash, Eco Cotton, Woollens, Bedsheets, Wash Only, Dry Only, Rinse + Dry, Aqua Store. 12 programs are good in number for a washing machine under 20,000. Usually, top load machine in this range will not have separate Woollen and Delicate modes and they also do not have Cotton mode. Aqua Store mode can be used to store water in the tub for the next wash when you are not sure about your water supply.

It also has an Express Wash feature that will wash clothes in 3 to 40% less time. You can use it in emergencies. It also comes with Zero Pressure Fill (ZPF) technology that ensures it will work properly even in low pressure of .17 mpa.

You can use Delay Wash feature to set the time to start the wash cycle up to 24 hours in advance. You simply need to select the wash mode and timer and you are free to attend to other household chores. Addition of other features such as Auto tub clean, lint filter and child lock make it a feature-packed washing machine under budget.


12 wash modes

Ability to work with low-pressure water supply

Ability to wash clothes properly even with hard water

Attractive pricing

Ability to fill water even when the pressure is low


It does not have hot water wash

What Do Customer Reviews Suggest

This is one of the best-selling Whirlpool top load washing machines with an average rating of ‘excellent’ across all the e-commerce sites combined with reviews from more than 1200 customers. Most of the customers are happy with this washing machine especially because it is equipped with a high number of features and that too at an affordable price point.

Bottom Line

This washing machine is fully equipped to handle most of your washing-related tasks at home. Also, one feature that stands out in this machine is its hard water wash functionality. I have not found this feature in most washing machines. Since hard water does not allow for effective washing of clothes, this feature can come in handy. Is your water supply through borewell? If your answer is yes, then don’t think twice before purchasing this washing machine.

LG 7 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T70SPSF2Z, Middle Free Silver)

LG is known for quality home appliances, be it washing machines, TV or refrigerators. It’s not surprising that we have LG washing machine in our list of best refrigerators under 20,000.

  • It has a capacity of 7 Kg
  • Its maximum rotational speed is 780 RPM, which is quite good
  • Washing noise level is 48 dB, which is very low
  • It comes with 5 star energy rating, which is excellent
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on motor

It comes with Smart Inverter motor. This adjusts the power consumption of the washing machine based on the requirement at a given time. This makes it quite energy efficient. We are not surprised that it is 5 star energy-rated product. Any washing machine’s most important part is its motor and LG has understood this. This washing machine comes with BMC motor protection that ensures a long life for the motor by protecting it from dust, humidity and insects.

Turbo drum enables powerful washing & removes tough dirt through by ensuring strong water stream by rotating drum & pulsator in the opposite direction.

Like other high-end LG washing machines, this washing machine also comes with SmartThinQ app connectivity. This is smart diagnostics app that you can install on your phone and during any issue with the machines you can use it to diagnose the issue easily by connecting it with your washing machine.

This washing machine comes with child lock. This setting disables the control panel. This helps to keep your child safe from any accidental pressing of buttons.

For effective washing, its effective pulsator contains 1 main pulsator in the center and 3 mini pulsators around it. This creates and up & down motion during washing, which results in effective friction between laundry. Thus ensuring optimum wash.

It comes with stainless steel drum that ensures hygienic and rust free operation. The tub comes with Tub clean feature that sterilizes both inner part and our part of the tub so that you don’t have to clean it manually.

If power goes off during wash cycle, it saves the settings automatically so that when the power is back, it starts from the same cycle where it had stopped. This is Auto Restart function.


Excellent 5 star energy rating

Tub Clean feature to auto-clean tub removes bad odour

Good quality drum that will last long


No hot water wash feature available

What Do Customer Reviews Suggest

More than 500 customers have reviewed this washing machine as ‘excellent’ across all e-commerce stores in India. Customers especially like its low power consumption. This is because it uses inverter motor that consumes power based on the load.

Bottom Line

This is a long-lasting top load washing machine because of its inverter motor. Also, it is rated 5-star by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, which ensures low electricity consumption. Hence, even though it is priced higher, it will recover its cost with lower maintenance and lower power bills in a few years. This means that it is perfect for customers looking for a washing machine for long term use.

Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA70A4002GS/TL, IMPERIAL SILVER)

Samsung 7 kg top load washing machine comes with basic top load features at attractive pricing. Its low noise and decent capacity makes it a good choice for Indian households.

  • It comes with a capacity of 7 Kg
  • Its maximum rotational speed is 680 RPM
  • Washing noise level is 60 dB, which is better than average
  • It has 6 wash cycles
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty

It comes with a special Diamond Drum, that is gentle on the fabric while washing clothes effectively. Unlike some other drums it does not have sharp grooves, instead of that it has “soft curl” design that gives better fabric care by preventing wear and tear of clothes.

Its 6 wash cycles are Blanket, Delicates, Eco Tub Clean, Normal, Quick Wash, Soak + Normal. You can use Delicate mode for all your woolen clothes. Quick Wash cycle is useful when you don’t have enough time at your hands. Eco Tub Clean feature cleans the tub automatically without any manual intervention. Also comes with a Monsoon button that is preset to increase the drying time and other settings so that your clothes are dried better during rainy season.

It comes with 5 water levels so that you can fill the water based on the load quantity. This can save energy and water. It also has a filter called Magic Filter that traps unwanted particles from the clothes.

Child Lock feature locks the panel to prevent any accidental pressing of buttons.


Decent 7 kg wash capacity

It comes at attractive pricing

Daimond Drum prevents damage of clothes

Eco Tub Clean

Child Lock for safety of kids

Useful in monsoon season

Wide Range of Service Centers


It does not have temperature settings

What Do Customer Reviews Suggest

With more than 17000 customers rating this washing machine as ‘excellent’ across all e-commerce stores, this washing machine is one of the best top load washing machines in the country.

Bottom Line

This is one of the most successful top load washing machines in India. Why? Well, it has almost all the features required in a decent top load washing machine and that too at attractive pricing. On top of this, Samsung boasts of a vast network of service centres across India. All this combined gives it an edge over its competition in the op load segment. However, do keep in mind that there is no hard water wash feature in this washing machine.

Whirlpool 6.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine with In-Built Heater (STAINWASH PRO H 6.5, Shiny Grey)

Whirlpool is one of the most well-known brands for washing machines in India. We bring you a popular model from this brand – Whirlpool Stainwash Pro.

  • It has a capacity of 6.5 Kg
  • Its maximum rotational speed is 740 RPM, which is decent
  • Washing noise level is 63 dB, which is better than average
  • It comes with 5 star energy rating, which is quite good
  • It has an in-built heater for hot water wash
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty

Whirlpool Stainwash Pro comes with 12 wash programs to give you good number of options in terms of fabric. These wash programs are Daily, Heavy, Delicate, Whites, Stainwash, Antibacterial wash, Woollens, Bedsheet, Eco Wash, Rinse + Dry, Dry Only, Wash Only. As you can see these wash options are good enough for many types of wash.

It comes with 3 hot water modes. It has a provision to heat the water up to 60 degrees at 3 different levels – Warm, Hot and Allergen Free (very hot). Also, water temperatures is set as per the cloth type. Hot water is an essential feature in any hi-end washing machine because it can give better washing without damaging the fabric of your cloth.

Whirlpool guarantees removal of up to 25 different types of stains owing to its hot water wash.

Whirlpool Stainwash Pro has a special Stainwash program that can up to 2 days old stains effectively.

It has inbuilt Dynamix technology to endure optimum mixing of detergent and water for efficient cleaning.

Another important feature is Hard Water Wash. This machine senses the type of water and adapts its wash cycle accordingly. This is a smart feature and we feel many Indian households can benefit from it. If your water supply consists of bore-well water then there is a very high chance that it is hard water. In that case, you can consider buying this washing machine.

Its Auto tub clean feature cleans the inner walls of the tub automatically by recycling the water used in previous wash cycle. This helps remove any foam residue from washing clothes, thus ensuring longer life of washing machine.

One of the main concerns of automatic washing machine is that it needs certain minimum water pressure to function properly. For this very purpose, Whirlpool has come up with ZPF Technology (Zero Pressure Fill). This will work if you have low water pressure. However, based on our experience, we will recommend you to check you water pressure before you buy an automatic washing machine. It should be at least 1 bar or .1 mpa.

If you need to wash cloth fast during any emergency, then you can use the Express Wash feature. This reduces the wash cycle time by up to 40%.


It comes with 12 wash programs

Hot water wash with 3 modes is a great feature

It gives efficient cleaning even with hard water

Creates less noise


No separate place to pour fabric conditioner

What Do Customer Reviews Suggest

This washing machine is rated as ‘excellent’ by more than 600 customers across all the e-commerce stores where it is available. This is the best top washing machine with inbuilt heater.

Bottom Line

Whirlpool is one of the market leaders in top load washing machines. This washing machine comes with plenty of features, and on top of this, it has hard water wash functionality and an inbuilt heater with 3 modes. If you are looking for a washing machine under 20,000 with inbuilt heater, then this is the best choice by far.

Haier 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM65-826NZP, Moonlight Grey)

Haier is known for producing decent washing machine at competitive prices. It is a Chinese giant that is gained popularity in industries such as washing machine, refrigerator, TV and so on. Read further to know about Haier HWM65-826NZP washing machine.

  • It has a capacity of 6.5 kg
  • It has 8 wash programs
  • Spin speed is 800 RPM, which is quite high
  • Noise level is 60 dB, which is better than average

It comes with 8 wash program.  These programs are Deep Clean, Wool, Delicate, Air dry, Normal, Heavy, Spin and Quick.

It comes with a special Oceanus Wave Drum. It is a stainless steel drum with cube-shaped surface that provides a strong water flow to gently clean and effectively wash dirty laundry without heavy abrasion.

It has a Balance Clean Pulsator that is specially designed to clean heavy and large-sized clothes with its powerful motion. This pulsator also features gentle motion to clean delicate fabric. Also, this machine is equipped with high pressure water jet, that gives the water ‘spurt’ motion from top and below, to give 4-way uniform washing.

One of the exciting features of this machine is that you can wash and rinse your laundry even in very low water pressure. The washing machine can work efficiently with low water pressure of 0.001 – 0.002 MPA. This is quite good feature and if you live in area with low water pressure then you can consider purchasing this washing machine.

With continuous washing, clothes will always produce lint. This lint can deposit in your machine and drain pipes which is not good. To filter out the lint, this machine has two bionic magic filter. This filter efficiently traps and removes the lint from clothes during a washing process.

The lid of this machine uses Softfall Technology to close gradually and gently. This helps protect both the user & the machine. It is light in weight and easy to lift. Maximum spin speed is quite good at 800 RPM. This will ensure faster drying.


It can work in low water pressure

High rotational speed of 800 RPM

It comes at attractive pricing


6.5 kg capacity may be less for a large household.

What Do Customer Reviews Suggest

This washing machine has been rated as ‘excellent’ by more than 50 customers across all the e-commerce stores in India.

Bottom Line

This Haier washing machine is one of the most inexpensive ones in the market. On top of this, it comes with decent number of features. Also, its maximum spin speed of 800 is one of the highest on top load segment. Hence if you are looking for a cost-effective washing machine under 20,000, then this one should definitely be considered

IFB 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TL-RGS 7.0 Kg Aqua, Grey)

IFB is one of the most popular font load washing machine brands out there. It has come up with decent top load washing machines under 20,000 in recent times.

  • It has a capacity of 7 kg, which is decent for mid-sized Indian household
  • It comes with 4 years of warranty
  • It has 8 wash programs
  • Spin speed is medium 720 RPM
  • It comes with voltage protection

This washing machine comes with Deep Clean feature that is soft on the fabrics while it removes tough stains. To Deep Clean, this washing machine uses triadic pulsator engine that produces bi-axial rotation to give decent cleaning experience.

This Triadic Pulsator is made up of soft scrub pads to remove dirt in a gentle manner. The pulsator creates a swirl jet motion that removes dirt effectively from corners of the fabric as well. Another motion – mechanical center punch is created that removes any remaining dirt.

Its 3D wash technology is a cloth soaking technology that soaks clothes thoroughly so that you get efficient cleaning.

Its Crescent Moon Drum is a consists of crescent moon grooves on the drum surface to create a gentle water cushion that will prevent the fabric of your cloth from getting damaged.

It comes with an innovative in-built device Aqua Energie. It helps detergent dissolve properly in water to give a better wash for your clothes.

Lint Tower Filter traps lint and microfibres, that can go into your drain and clog it. It also has a Favorite Program feature that gives you an option to preselect your programs that you use regularly so that you can get started with washing quickly.


It comes with in-built voltage stabilizer

It has good number of wash programs

It gives efficient cleaning


No hot water wash feature

What Do Customer Reviews Suggest

This washing machine enjoys ‘excellent’ rating by more than 650 customers across all the e-commerce stores combined. This makes it one of the best-rated top load washing machines from IFB.

Bottom Line

IFB offers great front load washing machines specially designed for Indian consumers. However, in top load space, it faces stiff competition from other multinational brands. Hence its top load washing machines are sometimes not that competitively priced. This washing machine is also priced slightly higher than other similar washing machines. That being said, this washing machine comes with some decent features and if you are looking for an IFB top load washing machine under 20,000 then this is the best choice.

Best Washing Machines under 20,000 – Buying Guide

There are several factors that you should consider before selecting a washing machine under this range. This price range is good enough for a decent fully automatic top load washing machine.


Washing machine washing capacity is measured in kgs. It is the weight of your laundry that the machine can wash in a single cycle. In this range, you can get a machine with 6 litre to 7.5 litre capacity.

Good news is that it is recommended to buy a washing machine with at least 6 litres of capacity for a 3 to 4 membered household. It means that clothes pile up to 1 to 2 buckets for one time wash then 6 kg is enough.

Higher capacity washing machine such as one with 7.5 kg capacity can wash up to 35 to 40 t-shirts in a single wash cycle. It means if you have 2 buckets of clothes (or slightly more) for one time wash then this much capacity is good for you.

Please note that this guidance can vary depending upon the type of clothes and frequency of wash required. Also, if you have children at home then volume and frequency of washing can increase, in that case you might want to go with higher than 6 kg capacity.

Wash Settings

Washing machines under this range come with 6 to 12 washing modes. Typically higher wash modes will come at higher pricing but it is not necessary. For example, many Whirlpool washing machines come with 12 wash modes at different price points. There are many types of wash modes bases on the type of fabric and the type of action.

  • Delicate, or Woollen: This setting are useful when you have to wash fragile items such as lingerie, lace, baby clothes, woollen and silk.
  • Express Wash: This setting has a short wash cycle with a high-speed spin resulting. You should only use them in emergencies and not as a means to wash your clothes fast on a regular basis
  • Normal: This cycle is for blended fabrics such as polyester and rayon and cotton cloth. It is harsher on clothes.
  • Cotton: This mode specialises in cotton cloths. You can also use them for bedsheets or towels if you do not have a separate mode for them.
  • Heavy Wash / Jeans: You can use this more for rough fabric such as jeans and towels. It is also appropriate for heavily soiled items. This cycle has a longer wash cycle.
  • Bedsheets: This mode can be used to wash large cloth items such as bedsheets. It prevents large items from tangling.
  • Whites: You should use this mode only for completely white clothes. It has a high wash and spin speed.
  • Rinse and Spin: This cycle is only used to rinse and spin and not for washing

Washing machines under 20,000 range also come with wash modes that enhances wash and convenience such as Delay wash, Soaking, Temperature control.

Inverter Motor washing machines

Inverter motors is an important part of any washing machine. You should make sure that your machine comes with an inverter motor. This motor adjusts the speed as per the load. It means if the load is less, it will decrease the speed, thus it is more efficient.

Advantages of inverter motor with Direct Drive technology:

  • It does not have any moving part
  • It creates very less noise
  • It does not have the problem of heating up unlike conventional motors

Drum Material

It’s important to choose the right material for your washing machine because it will determine the quality of your wash and the life of your washing machine.

Drum can be plastic or porcelain or stainless steel. We will recommend you to go for stainless steel tubs because of their durability and effectiveness

 PorcelainPlasticStainless Steel

As you can see, stainless steel drum wins hands down as compared to other materials.

On top of this, many washing machine brands have come with innovative shapes that does very less harm to the fabric while delivering decent performance.

Temperature Control

Temperature control feature will come with machines that have an in-built water heater. It is common knowledge that hot water is better for washing clothes. Also feature, this can specially useful during winters. Some washing machines will also come with more options to set temperature as per your preferences.

Time Delay

You can use time delay to wash your clothes at a given period of time. You can load your clothes and set a timer to start the washing after a fixed period of time (usually within 24 hours)


Maximum rotation speed is measured in RPM (rotations per minute). Typically, higher speed means faster drying. Thus, machines with high RPM can be useful during monsoon season.

Hard Water Processing

Some of the washing machines under 20,000 come with hard water processing technology to convert hard water into soft water.

This feature can be useful in India because, soft water is not available throughout India and many areas either have natural hard water or their water supply is based on borewell water, which is hard water.

Hard water results in poor washing because detergent can’t dissolve effectively into hard water. Moreover, accumulation of residue around drum and drainpipes is also a common occurrence, which can lead to choking of your home drainage pipes.

You can remove the hardness of water by adding baking soda or vinegar into your water but it can be inconvenient and it will add to you cost of washing. Or you can buy a washing machine that comes with dedicated hard water wash feature.

Bubble Wash Feature

Bubble wash technology converts some part of the detergent into bubbles that build around the soaked clothes. These bubbles help in removing stubborn dirt and thus gives better washing.

This technology can be useful if you do not have a washing machine with temperature setting. It is said to wash clothes better even if the temperature of water is low.

Tub Clean Feature

It is important to regularly clean the tub because washing machine comes in contact with water regularly and sometime the water may not drain completely or foam residue may remain in certain parts of the drum. This can cause growth of harmful germs and allergens such as bacteria and fungi.

Washing machine gasket is a common area that can witness mould accumulation because water particles sometimes deposit around it.

You can clean the tub manually or if your washing machine comes with Tub Clean feature then it can be cleaned with press of a button. The technology usually uses a jet of water to clean inner and outer part of the drum.

Smart Features

Some latest washing machines come with smartphone app connectivity to control  your machine. With the help of these apps you can switch the washing machine on or off and get other useful information about the machine.

Some apps have self-diagnostics that is useful in case of any problem with your washing machine. You app will get all the needed diagnostics information from the machine and relay it to the agent for fast resolution of your problem.

Some apps come with voice control features integrated with Alexa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the best washing machine brands under 20,000?

LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, IFB and Haier are some of the best brands for washing machine under 20,000

2. What features will I get in a washing machine under 20,000?

For a budget that is close to 20,000, you will get washing machine with a capacity of 6 to 7.5 kg, with 6 to 12 wash modes (Fully automatic top load washing machine).

3. What type of washing machine can I buy in close to 20,000?

If your budget is close to 20,000 then you can get a good quality fully automatic top load washing machine. If you budget is close to 15,000 the you can buy a good quality semi-automatic top load washing machine.

4. Can I get a front load washing machine under 20,000?

You might be able to buy a front load washing machine under 20,000 but they will come with less features and capacity. Therefore, we recommend you to buy a fully automatic top load washing machine in this range.

5. How much power does a washing machine under 20,000 consume?

Power usage on your frequency of use. Usually, a washing machine that costs closer to 20,000 comes with a wattage of 350 to 450 wattage, this translates to roughly 35 kilowatt to 45 kilowatt energy consumption in a year. You can check out the specifications in the manual of the machines as well.