Best Washing Machine with Heater in India (2021)- Reviews

We have covered 5 best washing machines with built-in heater in this list. Built-in heater comes in only fully automatic washing machines. Semi-automatic washing machines usually do not come with a heater.

A washing machine with heater can be really useful in washing clothes effectively. This is why such washng machines are high in demand.

Best washing machine with heater

Benefits of washing machine with inbuilt heater

Lets us look at most important reasons of purchasing this type washing machine.

  • It cleans hard stains better than regular washing machine
  • Higher temperature effectively disinfects clothes by killing harmful germs
  • It sterilizing effect is best suited for washing clothes of sick people with infectious diseases, baby clothes, curtains etc.

Best Washing Machine with In-Built Heater 2021

IFB 8kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB is one the reputed brands in front load washing machine segment. Its 8 kg 5 Star washing machine is an energy efficient machine that comes with high-speed drum for faster frying. It is one of the best washing machines with heater.

  • It has a capacity of 8 kg, which is decent for mid to large families
  • It comes with 14 wash programs, which is decent at this range
  • Speed of spinning is 1400 rpm, which is excellent
  • Warranty on the product as well as motor is 4 years

This IFB washing machine is packed with lot of features to help in efficient and safe washing. It comes with Aqua Energie washing clothes in hard water. This feature softens hard water (such as water from borewell) for excellent washing. Soft water is also safe for machine parts unlike hard water.

It has maximum BEE Star energy rating of 5 (with energy consumption of .09 kWh/kg/cycle). It means that this machine will bring smaller electricity bill as compared to all other lower rated washing machines (which are many).

It comes with 14 wash programs. These programs are Baby Wear, Woollens/Hand Wash, Bulky/Bedding/Curtains/Duvet, Cotton Normal, Mixed Soiled/Mixed Fabric, Synthetic/Daily/Easy Care, CradleWash under ‘Fabric’ and Hot Rinse, Anticrease, Prewash, Extra Rinse, Rinse Hold, Delay Start and Anti-Allergen under ‘Options’.

It also comes with 4D Wash feature that soaks clothes properly and dissolves detergent optimally for efficient wash. Another interesting feature is it Ball Valve technology. It consists of a ball below the sink hole that prevents the detergent from flowing out along with water to prevent wastage.

It comes with decent spin speed options, ranging from 400 RPM to 1400 RPM. You can choose spin speed based on your requirement. Hot water-wash option has six temperature settings – cold, 20 °C, 30 °C, 40 °C, 60 °C and 90 °C. You can use hotter temperature setting to clean tough stains and colder settings for more delicate clothes with lighter stains.

This washing machine also comes with decent amount of safety features. Self-Diagnosis feature helps in finding out the cause of any problem that might occur with your machine. Voltage Protection feature protects the machine from damage because of voltage fluctuations, Child Lock feature prevents machine from unintended use. Protective Rat mesh prevents rats and other small animals from entering the machine. Foam Detection feature initiates corrective cycle when it detects any increase or decrease in foam level. Tub Clean feature sanitises the drum and prevent buildup of bacteria and fungi.

Auto Restart feature saves the settings during power cut, so that the machine starts from the exact same point where it had stopped.

Its Crescent Moon Drum is a special drum that comes with special shape to give excellent cleaning while keeping the fabric of the clothes safe.


Excellent washing with 14 wash programs and several safety features

Very energy efficient

Hard water softner to protect your machine and wash clothes better


Higher price of this machine can be a concern for some buyer

LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

  • It has 8 kg capacity that is sufficient for mid-large families
  • 1200 RPM drum speed is quite good speed
  • It comes with 2 year warranty on product and 10 year warranty on motor
  • It has 10 wash programs

LG FHM1208ZDL washing machine comes with 5 star BEE rating. This is the best energy rating that a washing machine can have.

It has special 6 Motion Direct Drive technology that moves the drum in various directions. This motion cleans the fabric efficiently while keeping the fabric of your clothes intact.

It comes with 10 wash programs – Cotton, Cotton Large, Wool, Mix, Sports Wear, Easy Care, Baby care, Delicate, Quick 30, Rinse + Spin

This machine has Inverter Direct Drive motor. This motor is better than conventional motors because it uses electronic drive control system unlike conventional motors that uses belt to connect with the drum. This inverter motor is directly attached to the drum, thus reducing vibration, noise & wear & tear. And because it is digital motor, it is more energy efficient.

Water heater comes with different temperature  settings – cold, 20 °C, 30 °C, 40 °C, 60 °C and 95 °C. This is a decent range. Less than 60 degrees is warm and more than that is hot water.

It also comes with Fuzzy Logic. This technology detects the load and adjusts the washing conditions as per the load. This is an advanced technology that mostly comes with high-end washing machines.

LG washing machine’s SmartThinQ app is a convenient way to connect your washing machine with phone for diagnostic purposes. This app can diagnose more than 86 errors, thus it can be helpful if there is any problem with your machine.

One special features of this machine is Rinse + Hold. This lets clothes stay in the water for some time before entering into the spin mode. The rinse hold cycle also gives an option for additional rinse cycle before entering the spin cycle. It prevents any bad odour and maintains the freshness of the clothes.

Another special feature is Baby Care mode. In this mode, the temperature reaches upto 95 degree Celsius. This completely disinfects baby clothes such as bacteria and enzymes. Quality of the clothes remain intact during this wash process. Other features are tub clean for sanitising tub and child lock to disable touch panel.


Efficient digital motor consume less energy and lasts long

BEE 5 star rating ensures maximum savings on electricity bills

It is packed with advanced features


10 wash programs means few advanced features such as anti-wrinkle are missing

Samsung 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

  • It has 8 kg capacity that is sufficient for mid to large families
  • 1200 RPM drum speed is very good speed
  • It comes with 3 year warranty on product and 10 year warranty on motor
  • It has 12 wash programs

It comes with 12 wash programs. These programs are Super Eco Wash, 15° Wash, Wool, Baby Care, Outdoor Care, Cotton, e Cotton, Synthetics, Spin, Rinse + Spin and Eco Drum Clean.

It uses digital inverter technology in its motor. This makes the operation less noisy and more energy efficient. This inverter also has a very long life of 20 years, and comes with 10 year warranty on this motor. Thus, you can consider this machine if you wish to purchase on for long term.

Hot water-wash option has six temperature settings – 20 °C, 40 °C, 60 °C and 90 °C. It also comes with a Smart Check error-monitoring system that automatically detects and diagnoses problems. You can troubleshoot the issues without much effort by connecting it with the Samsung phone App.

One of the exciting features of this machine is its Ceramic heater. This heater is more durable than conventional heaters and it prevents scaling that can happen due to hard water. Higher durability translates into lesser cost for repair and maintenance.

Another great feature of this machine is its Bubble Soak technology. It is quite well known that clothes soaked in bubbles loosen their stains. This gives effective cleaning of clothes.

It comes with Diamond Drum feature. Its “soft curl” design has diamond-shaped ridges that are smoot and thus very gentle on clothes. It has small holes to let out water, this further protects your cloth fabric by preventing it from getting trapped.

Eco Drum Clean technology the tub without using any chemicals. It also has the ability to notify you automatically when it needs sanitising. The Quick Wash program is the perfect solution for your busy life – cleaning lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy more time for yourself.

Other features include Quick Wash for cleaning clothes quickly which you can use during emergencies. Child lock feature locks all the button on the control panel. Delay End feature can be used to delay the end time of the wash cycle by as late as 24 hours.


Excellent cleaning

Digital Inverter with extra long life and high energy efficiency

Diagnostics feature to detect and diagnose problems

Durable Ceramic heater that also prevents scaling due to hard water


No major cons

Bosch 7 kg 5 Star Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine with In – built Heater

Any list of best washing machine with heater is incomplete without including a Bosch washing machine. This German brand is reputed for its front load washing machines, and this model comes with 15 wash programs and 12 years of warranty on motor.

  • It has 7 kg capacity that is sufficient for mid-sized families
  • 1200 RPM drum speed is very good speed
  • It comes with 2 year warrant on product (slightly less than others) and 12 year warranty on motor (slightly better than the rest)
  • It has 15 wash programs which is good

Its 15 wash programs are Quick, Freshen Up, Kidswear, AllergyPlus, Jeans, Sportswear, Cottons, Cottons 60° Label, Synthetic, Mix Load, Delicates, Wool, Drum, Descale, Spin/Drain.

Its anti-tangle feature reduces tangles by up to 50%. It means that it is gentle on fabric and it will be easy for you to iron such clothes.

Bosch’s hot water program washes clothes at 60 °C. This hot water treatment kills 99.9% bacteria.

It comes with anti-vibration side panels that reduce vibration during its operation. This reduces noise. Also, its EcoSilence drive motor is quite efficient and lasts long.

It’s quck wash program is called SpeedPerfect and washes clothes in 65% time as compared to other wash programs. You can use it in emergencies or when you have small load.

It comes with ActiveWater Plus feature that senses the water level and adjusts the amount of water automatically. This helps in efficient usage of water and prevents water wastage.

Its AllergyPlus feature sanitizes the clothes so efficiently that users with sensitive skin or allergy can wear these clothes without worrying about allergens in their clothes.

It’s drum is a specialized VarioDrum that gives excellent wash while retain fabric quality at the same time.

Another exciting feature of this machine is its Reload Program. It gives you an option to open the door during early stages of your wash cycle. This is a decent feature because most of the front load washing machines do not have this facility to add clothes once the wash cycle starts

Its safety features include Voltmonitor that prevents this machine from damage from voltage fluctuations. Child lock feature disables the touch panel. Magnetic valves decreases chances of water leakage. Time Delay feature give you option to delay the end-time of wash cycle.


Advanced technology for cleaning

Ability to add clothes once the wash cycle starts

Advanced anti-bacterial program ensures proper disinfection


It does not seem to have 90 degree celsius heating capacity

Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

  • It has a capacity of 6 kg, which is decent for small & medium families
  • It comes with 10 wash programs, which is decent at this range
  • Speed of spinning is 1000 rpm, which is average
  • Warranty on the product is 3 years and warranty on is 10 years

Samsung WW60R20GLMA/TL is  a popular washing machine that comes with 6 kg capacity and 10 wash programs at an attractive pricing. This machine packs lot of features along with an inbuilt heater and is perfect for small families looking for an affordable font load washing machine with in-built heater.

Best part about this machine is that even at this range, it comes with 5 star BEE rating. Thus, helping you save even further in your energy bills.

It comes with 10 wash settings – 15’ Quick Wash, Daily Wash, Delicates, Cotton, Synthetic, Wool, Denim Hygiene Steam, Rinse + Spin, Spin.

Hygiene Steam is good for clothes that you wear close to your body, such as undergarments or you can use it for disinfection purposes as well.

It comes with 4 temperature settings – 20 °C, 40 °C, 60 °C and 90 °C. The heater used in this machine is Ceramic heater. This is a long lasting and efficient heater.

It comes with digital inverter motor that lasts long and is energy efficient when compared to conventional motor. It also comes with Diamond Drum that has a special ‘soft curl’ design which enables efficient wash without damaging fabric.

Other features such a delay end and child lock are also available in this machine.


Packed with features at an attractive pricing

Excellent 5 star BEE rating

Long lasting tech such as ceramic heater and digital inverter makes it perfect for long term ownership


6 kg capacity can be slightly less for medium and large families.

Buying Guide: Best Washing Machine with Heater

Most of the best washing machines with heater come with multiple temperature settings. Let’s understand what are these temperature settings.

Guide on Temperature Settings

Temperature range in washing machines can be divided into hot, warm and cold. Hot water is anything above 60 °C, warm water is between 30°C and 59°C, while cold water is usually 20 °C or less.

Washing Machine Guide

When to use hot water?

Hot water is best for cleaning heavily soiled clothes, or clothes that require deeper cleaning. Also, since hot water may fade colour of your cloth, you should either use them on white clothes or clothes that are not washed regularly but require deep cleaning. This will prevent or minimize damage from hot water wash. Also, hot water wash is an energy intensive process. Thus regular usage can increase your electricity bills.

  • You can use it on clothes that absorb most of the sweat of our body such as white undergarments
  • Clothes that are not washed very regularly such as blankets, bedsheets, towels can also be washed in hot water
  • Heavily stained / dirty clothes such as diapers can be washed in hot water.
  • When you want to sanitise your clothes to prevent spread of germs. For example, if a family member is sick, then complete sanitisation should be a considered.
  • During winters, some areas can experience very cold temperatures nearing less than 0 °C. Effective washing becomes difficult because , at this temperature, detergent does not mix well with water.

When not to use hot water?

  • You should not use it on bright coloured and dark clothes regularly
  • Clothes that you don’t want to shrink should not be washed in hot water

When to use warm water?

Warm water does not deep-clean clothes. However, you can wash good variety of clothes as compared to hot water. Any synthetic fabric or blended fabric can be washed in warm water.

  • You many use warm water on fabric such as nylon, polyester, rayon and other synthetic ad blended fabrics.
  • Lightly soiled clothes can be given warm water treatment.

When not to use warm water?

  • Dark and bright-coloured clothes should be not be washed in warm water.
  • Clothes that require deep-cleaning such as curtains, blankets, diapers are not ideal for warm water wash and hot water wash is better for such clothes.

When to use cold water?

Cold water is best for coloured clothes because there is very less chance of fading.

Actually, you can wash any fabric cloth in cold water without worrying about shrinkage or colour fading. Also, if the fabric is delicate, cold water is usually the best option. Also, it is quite energy efficient wash because no energy is used in heating up the water.

  • Any washable (even bright and dark coloured) fabric can be washed in cold water.
  • Lightly stained clothes that are not in direct contact with body are ideal for cold water wash.

When not to use cold water?

  • Clothes that require deep cleaning will not get effectively washed because cold water does not sanitize your clothes.
  • Clothes with hard stains are difficult to remove in cold water unless you have a washing machine with features to enhance the washing, such as bubble soak feature etc.
  • If you are using powdered detergent, then it may not dissolve effectively in cold water. This can lead to white residue and inefficient cleaning.

How to wash clothes in hot water?

Now that you are aware of the right temperature for washing clothes, let’s how to wash clothes in hot water.

Sort Your Dirty Laundry

Sorting your clothes is the first and important step in washing. Sort your clothes according to fabric type and colour. It’s always advised to wash similar coloured fabric together to prevent intermixing of colours, while the similar fabric will make it easy for you to choose ‘fabric type’ in your wash settings.

Select the Temperature / Fabric

You can use the above guidance to set the temperature in your washing machine. However, if you are not sure which temperature is best for your fabric or how deep the stain is, then you can start with cold water first. It is also advisable to use cold water setting if you are new to washing clothes in warm/hot water. Once you gain more experience, then you can use these features more often.

Cold water causes the least damage to fabrics like shrinking, color bleeding and fading. If you are not satisfied with the results from cold water wash, then you can move on to warm or hot water. That’s how you will get an idea about different fabrics and their ideal wash temperature.


You can rinse your clothes in cold water with almost no difference as compared to hot water rinse.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine With Heater


Capacity is of a washing machine is measured in kg and it represents the weight of laundry that can be loaded onto the machine in one wash cycle. As a rule of thumb, 6 kg washing machine is good for small families, 7 kg is decent for mid-sized families and 8 kg and above are considered ideal for large families.

This chart (as per Amazon) will give you a fair idea of the volume of load and ideal capacity required.

Washing Machine Capacity

Power Consumption

Washing machines with heater consume good amount of energy. You should keep in mind that using a heater increase the power consumption of washing machine significantly.

For example, a 7 kg front load washing machine with heater will consume around 2 units of electricity in one hour when it uses the heater. However, if you don’t use the heater, the hourly power consumption is around 0.2 units. This means that using a heater while washing can increase the power consumption to around 4 times.

To decrease the power consumption, use heater only when necessary. Also, try to go for a 5 star rated washing machine. 5 star is the highest rating in terms of energy efficiency. This means that a 5-star rated machine consumes lowest energy in its category.

Drum Material

You need not worry about the material of drum on washing machine with heater. Most of these machines come with a stainless steel drum. Such drum gives better speed and is long-lasting compared to other types of materials.

Wash Cycles

Washing machines come with several wash cycles. let’s take a look at some major ones.

Delicate/Hand Wash: Best for delicate clothes such as wool, silk, lingerie and so on.

Regular/Cotton/Everyday Wash: Best for linen, cotton, shirts, jeans and so on.

Quick/Express Wash: This cycle usually has faster spin speed for faster washing and drying. It is perfect for washing lightly soiled clothes when the time at hand is less. It is typically 15 minutes or 30 minutes cycle.

Sports/Outdoor Wash: Since sportswear are typically prone to damage, many washing machines include an outdoor/sports cycle for washing fabrics such as breathable, windproof, waterproof and so on.

Wool Cycle: This cycle washes woolens in lower temperature with gentle action. If it is not present, then you can use delicate wash cycle or cold water wash.

Steam Cycle: This mode is present in premium washing machines. It uses a combination of water and steam to wash clothes effectively. It is good for removing wrinkles and eliminating germs from clothes.

Baby Care: This mode usually heates water at high temperature for effectively cleaning baby clothes and killing germs present in clothes. It also comes with several rinse cycles so that the detergent is completely removed from clothes.

Fuzzy Logic

Most front load washing machines include a fuzzy logic mode. This technology determines the amount of detergent, water and time needed to wash clothes automatically based on the load of laundry. There is no separate button for enabling this technology as it works in the background as soon as you start the wash cycle. Its biggest benefit is that it ensures low power consumption.

This is almost a necessary feature in front load machines, while top load washing machines may or may not have it.

Time Delay

Time delay is a convenient and common feature in automatic washing machines. It allows you to start the washing machine after a fixed amount of time. For example, if you are about to go out of your home but want the wash cycle to start after few hours, you can set the timer and delay the start of wash process.


RPM or Rotations Per Minute is the measure of speed of rotation of drum. Higher RPM results in faster drying of clothes. Front load washing machines typically have twice the maximum RPM when compared to top load washing machines.


Washing machines with heater come in different types of warranty. Typically, the product will come with 2 to 4 years of warranty. We will recommend not to go for machines with less than 2 years of warranty on the product.

After Sales Service

Major washing machine brands have better track record of after sales service as compared to smaller brands. Hence, going with a trusted brand can be a good decision to ensure peace of mind after purchasing the machine.


Washing machines with heater are slightly not always more costlier than the ones without a heater.

As far as pricing is concerned, front load washing machine with heater come in starting price of around INR 22,000, while starting price of top load washing machine with a heater is around INR 16,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Best Washing Machine With Heater

Top load washing machine with heater vs front load washing machine with heater. Which is better?

There is not much difference between the hot water wash in both types of machines. However, front load washing machines are always better in cleaning. So, if budget is not a constraint, then you should go with front load washing machine with heater.

What should be the rinse water temperature?

Rinse water has least impact on wash efficiency of your machine. So, you can wash your clothes on any temperature with similar results. Thus we advise cold water rinse as it will also consume less energy.

Can cold water effectively disinfect clothes?

Hot water wash is the best way to effectively disinfect clothes. If hot water is not available then you should soak your laundry for longer duration and then wash it with a heavy-duty detergent.

Should I change default temperature settings?

Hot water wash is the best way to effectively disinfect clothes. If hot water is not available then you should soak your laundry for longer duration and then wash it with a heavy-duty detergent.

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