Fully Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

If you are looking for comparison of fully automatic vs semi-automatic washing machine then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machine. This will help you in finding out which type is best for you.

semi automatic vs fully automatic washing machine

Washing machines are of two types. Fully automatic and semi-automatic. Fully automatic washing is further divided into top loaded washing machine and front loaded washing machine. Semi-automatic washing machine is always top-loaded.

washing machine types

Fully automatic vs Semi-automatic washing machine

Fully automatic washing machines are fully automated. It means, it can fill and drain water, wash, rinse & dry laundry without any human effort. Literally on the click of a button. However, in semi-automatic washing machine, you will have to do all these processes manually. You have to fill water, start wash cycle, rinse & dry clothes and drain water all by yourself.

Both the type of washing machine have their own pros and cons. We will discuss each one by one.

Semi-automatic washing machine

semi automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machine is a popular type of washing machine in India. It is a simple machine that you can learn to operate within 5 minutes. It consists of 2 tubs, one larger tub for washing and one smaller tub for rinsing and drying.

How to operate semi-automatic washing machine

Washing process is quite simple. First you have to fill water in washing tub. After that immerse dirty laundry into it based on washing machine’s capacity and make sure that the laundry is fully immersed into the water. After this, you can add detergent into the tub and start wash cycle by selecting speed / intensity of wash. Once wash process is complete, you can drain the water and transfer the clothes manually onto the rinse tub. You can rinse and dry it in this tub by selecting the timer.

Advantages of semi-automatic washing Machine:

  • It does not require continuous flow of water (and no minimum water pressure requirement)
  • It is cheaper
  • Washing is quick
  • It is easy to operate

Disadvantages of semi-automatic washing Machine:

  • It requires manually keeping track for wash cycle
  • It is large in size
  • It creates more noise / vibrations
  • Washing effectiveness is not that good

Fully automatic washing machine

fully automatic washing machine

Fully automatic washing machine is designed to remove the biggest drawback of semi-automatic washing machine- manual intervention. Once the wash cycle starts in a fully automatic washing machine, you do not have to constantly check for the cycle to get over. The washing machine automatically rinses and dries your laundry. Learning to operate a fully automatic washing machine might take little time but once you understand its functions, it is very easy and convenient as you don’t have to worry about filling water into the machine before loading laundry inside it.

How to operate fully automatic washing machine

Just open the cover and load your clothes. Now add front load detergent onto the detergent casket. After that you can you can select mode of wash based on the fabric of your laundry. Based on the fabric, time will automatically adjust. Also, depending on the model you can use hot water wash option for better cleaning.

Once you have selected time for washing and drying, machine will start. Washing machine will automatically fill and drain the tub based on load weight and wash / spin cycle. After the machine has stopped, you can unload dried clothes and switch off the machine.

Advantages of fully automatic washing Machine:

  • Almost everything is automatic
  • It comes with more wash modes for different types of fabrics
  • It gives better washing
  • It takes less space
  • It consumes less water

Disadvantages of fully automatic washing Machine:

  • It requires continuous flow of water
  • Costlier as compared to semi-automatic

Key Differences

Effort required to operateFully automatic washing machine is easier and convenient to use as you don’t have to fill and drain water, nor do you have to load and unload clothes for washing and drying.
Wash qualityFully automatic washing machine give better wash quality. Washing is also based on specific fabric type.
PriceSemi-automatic washing machine is cheaper
SpaceFully automatic washing machine takes lesser space and is more compact
MaintenanceSemi-automatic washing machine requires less maintenance
Maintenance costSemi-automatic washing machine quite cheap to maintain and spare parts are also cheaper.
Water ConsumptionFully automatic washing machine consumes less water
Flow of waterSemi-automatic washing machine does not need constant flow of water and can work in low pressure also. Fully automatic washing machine requires minimum water pressure of 1 bar.
Power ConsumptionSemi-automatic washing machine consumes lesser power
Modes of washFully automatic washing machine has more wash modes


Fully automatic washing machine is better at washing, water utilization, ease of use and convenience. Thus, fully automatic washing machine is clearly a better machine overall. But all this comes at a higher price. So, If you have a budget to maintain, and you cannot ensure continuous flow of water at required pressure, then you should choose semi-automatic washing machine.

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