Can I Put Washing Machine in Bathroom? Complete Guide

While most homes around the world have been placing washing machines in their kitchens as well as bathrooms, a trend of increasingly placing them in bathrooms emerged a few years back.

Since then there has been intense debate whether it is a good idea to put washing machine in bathroom or not.

Can I Put Washing Machine in Bathroom?

In this post, we will discuss pros and cons of placing the washing machine in bathroom, necessary precautions, legality and trends in major developed countries.

How Safe is it to Place Washing Machine in Bathroom?

Most important thing to understand here is that washing machines are placed in the bathrooms around the world. However, does that mean that it is completely safe?

UK has wiring regulation that disallows fitting of plugs and sockets less than 3 meters from the bath or shower. This is to ensure safety from short circuit from water spillage. This means that if you need to have a rather large bathroom in UK to be able to place a washing machine there.

However, many advanced European nations do not have any regulation prohibiting the same. Countries such as Norway, Germany etc. allow placing the washing machine in bathrooms.

Basically, if you take proper precautions, then keeping a washing machine in a bathroom can be relatively a safe option.

What Precautions to Take While Placing Washing Machine in Bathroom?

It’s important to consider the location of electrical socket. The socket should be farther from the shower or bath to prevent accidental water spillage of water. As a rule of thumb, if a person in the shower or a toilet is able to touch the machine, it is hazardous.

A socket with a circuit breaker is another important safety precaution that you should try to implement. Many countries make it mandatory by law to have an internal circuit breaker in place in bathrooms to prevent accidents.

You can try to place the washing machine and the socket inside a large cupboard to prevent water spillage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is better to have an electrical socket not made up of metal. This is because metal can rust easily in damp conditions, which can be hazardous in the long run.

If you have taken care of these things, then placing the machine in the bathroom should not be an issue.

Why Place Washing Machine in Bathroom- Advantages

Biggest benefit is that you can save good amount of space by placing the machine in bathroom.

Another benefit is that in case the washing machine fails and the water leaks onto the floor, then having it in the bathroom can reduce lot of your efforts during cleanup.

Placement in the bathroom gives easy accessibility as opposed to having it in a dedicated area such as basement, which might tire you out running up and down the stairs to transfer laundry.

Why Not to Place Washing Machine in Bathroom- Disadvantages

If precautions are not taken then it can be risky to place a washing machine in the bathroom

It is hard to place the machine in smaller bathrooms. Hence, you have sufficiently bigger bathroom for it.

It is illegal in certain countries to have a washing machine in bathroom without adhering to wiring regulations.

Some washing machine brands come with a clause in their operating manuals that prohibit installing the machine in an “area with moisture”. Doing so can void the warranty of the machine.

What is the Trend in 2021?

Most European nations prefer placing the washing machine in following places:

  • Utility rooms which are dedicated rooms attached to the kitchen
  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Dedicated room for washing machines

Out of these bathroom, kitchen and dedicated rooms are the most common places to keep washing machine in homes around the world.

What about aesthetics? Is it a good idea to have a washing machine in the bathroom décor-wise?

Frankly, washing machine in the bathroom is never a question of aesthetics, it is more of a way to save space. This is the reason why as the size of bathrooms have increased over the years, the washing machine has moved out to dedicated laundry rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is damp bathroom bad for the washing machine?

If the bathroom does not have proper ventilation, then putting a washing machine in it can corrode the machine over time. Hence, having a small window and an exhaust fan can go a long way in increasing the life of your washing machine.

How to use bathroom faucet as a source of water supply to the machine?

Some bathroom faucets cannot be connected directly to the inlet hose of the washing machine. In that case, you can purchase a thread connecter to connect the faucet and the hose.

Where should I drain the water from the machine?

You can drain the wash water down the shower drain or sink. If your sink has a drain pipe branch, you can install it as well.


In most developed countries, it is legal to place a machine in the bathroom. You can install the washing machine in your bathroom as long as you can follow the necessary precautions. However, as a rule of thumb, if your bathroom is so small that a person can touch the washing machine while under the shower or on the toilet, then you should avoid putting the machine there.

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